22nd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering

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   width:​166pt'>​M-1020</​td>​   width:​166pt'>​M-1020</​td>​
   <td colspan=2 class=xl5223498 width=220 style='​border-right:​1.0pt solid black;   <td colspan=2 class=xl5223498 width=220 style='​border-right:​1.0pt solid black;
-  border-left:​none;​width:​166pt'>​CEPSUM / CC</td>+  border-left:​none;​width:​166pt'>​École Iona</td>
   <td class=xl5123498 width=110 style='​border-left:​none;​width:​83pt'>&​nbsp;</​td>​   <td class=xl5123498 width=110 style='​border-left:​none;​width:​83pt'>&​nbsp;</​td>​
   <td class=xl4823498 width=110 style='​width:​83pt'>&​nbsp;</​td>​   <td class=xl4823498 width=110 style='​width:​83pt'>&​nbsp;</​td>​
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